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Alan Davies – 1995

UK comedian Allan Davies performs a stand up set about Starsky and Hutch.
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Vince Sorrenti – 1995

Aussie comedian Vince Sorrenti gets the crowd singing, laughing and considering the perils of air travel.
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The Umbilical Brothers – 1995

The Umbilical Brothers perform their own unique brand of comedy, mime and sound effects... with an imaginary dog.
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Bruce Springsteen – 1995

Bruce Springsteen chats to Molly Meldrum about the E Street Band, his career success, Academy Awards and Grammys, and the complexities of relationships in a world exclusive interview.
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Gender Bender – Episode 10 1995

Bronwyn Bishop, Tara Morice and Laurel Edwards take on Paul Clitheroe, Wilbur and Red in a hilarious game of Gender Bender.
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Brain Drain – Episode 13 1995

Three lucky audience members go head to head in a game of Brain Drain.