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Hey Hey – Episode 07 1985

Episode Code: HHIS/1985 07
TX Date: Sat 23 Mar
Name Song title/Segment name
Mental As Anthing Youre so Strong
Jacki Macdonald Co-Host HHIS1985 07
Audience Members Galah Fashion Parade - theme Biddeleonian Dress Up
Daryl Somers Costume Groucho Marx
Jacki Macdonald Costume Harpo Marx
Ossie Ostrich Costume Chico
Ricky May I Give It All
Ricky May Rock Medley with Daryl Somers
Daryl Somers Rock Medley with Ricky May
Ricky May Masterslime Contestant
Full Marks Break Down the Walls
Mental as Anything Big Wheel
Ricky May Disc-ussion Panellist
Wilbur Wilde Disc-ussion Panellist
Greedy Smith Disc-ussion Panellist