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Hey Hey – Episode 39 1986

Episode Code: HHIS/1986 39
TX Date: Sat 01 Nov
Name Song title/Segment name
Jacki Macdonald Co-host HHIS/1986 39
Crowded House Now Were Getting Somewhere
Phones, The My Sharona
Red Symons Delightful Derrieres (audience competition)
Wilbur Wilde Delightful Derrieres (audience competition)
Fat Time You Got Me
Daryl Somers Canned Film Festival - compile
Red Symons Red Faces judge
Paul Hester Red Faces judge (from Crowded House. Died (committed suicide) 26 Mar 2005)
Jane Clifton Red Faces judge
Crowded House Dont Dream Its Over
Jacki Macdonald Chooklotto
Audience members Ad Nauseam
John Farnham Youre The Voice (cideoclip - Top Ten, #1)