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Hey Hey – Episode 15 1989

Episode Code: HHIS/89-015
TX Date: Sat 27 May
Name Song title/Segment name
Big Storm Not Guilty
Denise Drysdale Co-Host 89-015
Jacki Macdonald Announces leaving Hey Hey / compile of Jackis highlights
Wendy Stapleton & Bob Valentine It Takes Two
Bob Valentine & Wendy Stapleton It Takes Two
Albie Wild & the Day Glos Hey Ciao VTR Pop Clip
Anything Goes with Geraldine Turner and Simon Burke Youre the Top
Shane Bourne Great Aussie Joke with Maurie Fields
Maurie Fields Great Aussie Joke with Shane Bourne
Red Symons Red Faces Judge
Annette Law Red Faces Judge
Alyce Platt Red Faces Judge
Geraldine Turner Red Faces Judge
Alyce Platt You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman
Molly Meldrum Mollys Melodrama
Wilbur Wilde Pick Your Face
Lisa Edwards Pick Your Face
Lisa Edwards Burning for You with Short Cuircut
Short Cuircut Burning for You with Lisa Edwards