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Hey Hey – Episode 18 1990

Episode Code: HHIS/1990-018
TX Date: Sat 16 Jun
Name Song title/Segment name
Denise Drysdale Co-host HHIS/1990-018
Lou Rawls Youll Never Find
Lou Rawls Fine Brown Frame
Andrew Fyfe Andrews Doodle
Sam Brown With A Little Love
Jean Paul Bell Standup comedy
Red Symons Red Faces judge
Sam Brown Red Faces judge
Peta Toppano Red Faces judge
Lou Rawls Red Faces judge
Molly Meldrum Mollys Melodrama
Denise Drysdale Under The Boardwalk (with HH band)
Plucka Duck Pluck A Duck
Janet Peters Pluck A Duck contestant
Rod Anders Pluck A Duck car winner - presentation
Ken Morgan Pluck A Duck
Raymond J Bartholomuez Raymond Js Terse Verse (dropped?)
Sam Brown The Way I Love You (with HH band)