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Hey Hey – Episode 25 1990

Episode Code: HHIS/1990-025
TX Date: Sat 04 Aug
Name Song title/Segment name
1927 Dont Forget Me
Tina Arena The Machines Breaking Down ()
Wilbur Wilde Pick Your Face
Jane Rutter Pick Your Face
Peter Cupples Pick Your Face
Ten Wedge My Girl
Shane Bourne The Great Aussie Joke
Maurie Fields The Great Aussie Joke
Lyn Byrne Announced as winner of The Great Aussie Joke
Red Symons Red Faces judge
Rhonda Burchmore Red Faces judge
Maria Venuti Red Faces judge
Jane Rutter Making Whoopee (with Ben Martin on piano)
Ben Martin Making Whoopee (with Jane Rutter)
Plucka Duck Pluck A Duck
Sonia Caswell Pluck A Duck contestant
Molly Meldrum Mollys Melodrama
Kate Ceberano Tryin Times