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Hey Hey – Episode 13 1991

Episode Code: HHIS/91-013
TX Date: Sat 11 May
Name Song title/Segment name
Express Yourself (Madonna tribute show) Express Yourself
Daryl Somers Costume: Angus Young (ACDC) (theme: Look Alikes)
Elton Jack Crocodile Rock (with Ray Toupe)
Ray Toupe Crocodile Rock (with Elton Jack)
Audience members Look Alike competition
Shane Bourne Costume: Stan Laurel (theme: Look Alikes)
Shane Bourne The Great Aussie Joke
Maurie Fields Costume: Oliver Hardy (theme: Look Alikes)
Maurie Fields The Great Aussie Joke
Beatnix (The Beatles Show) She Loves You
Guy Leech Chat with Daryl
Red Symons Red Faces judge
Alexei Sayle Red Faces judge
Val Jellay Red Faces judge
Molly Meldrum Mollys Melodrama
Molly Meldrum Costume: Phantom Of The Popera (theme: Look Alikes)
Buddy cast Rave On
Plucka Duck Pluck A Duck
Melissa Hannan Pluck A Duck hostess
Melissa Hannan Costume: Marilyn Monroe (Look Alikes)
Alan Dunn Pluck A Duck contestant
Bjorn Again Ring Ring