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Hey Hey – Episode 16 1991

Episode Code: HHIS/91-016
TX Date: Sat 01 Jun
Name Song title/Segment name
Bugs Bunny This Is It (with Daryl Somers, Daffy Duck)
Daffy Duck This Is It (with Daryl Somers, Bugs Bunny)
Daryl Somers This Is It (with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck - Hey Hey Its Movieworld)
Jackie Love Get On Your Feet
Kurt Russell Chat with Daryl (re Backdraft)
Craig McLachlan Chat with Daryl
Molly Meldrum In Movieworld Western Show
James Blundell Im Afraid
Daryl Somers Memphis Belle clip
Clint Eastwood Chat with Daryl (re White Hunter, Black Heart)
Red Symons Red Faces judge
Yahoo Serious Chat with Daryl
Plucka Duck Pluck A Duck
Jackie Love Pluck A Duck hostess
Graeme Baldwin Pluck A Duck contestant
Daryl Somers Act Naturally VTR
Red Symons Superman VTR
Meryl Streep Chat with Daryl (re: Defending Your Life)