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Hey Hey – Episode 24 1997

Episode Code: HHIS/97-024
TX Date: Sat 02 Aug
Name Song title/Segment name
Deadstar Ive Got Something To Tell You
Barry Diamond Standup
Rani Always On My Mind
Brigitte Duclos Red Faces judge
Gabriel Gate Red Faces judge
John Williamson Bush Telegraph
Tammy Van Wisse Chat
Jo Beth Taylor Conga
Hanson MMM Bop
Effie Lost For Words
Shane Bourne Lost For Words
Molly Meldrum Lost For Words
Carl Barron Standup
The Screaming Jets Elvis … I Remember
Oasis VTR - i/view with Molly
Kellie Sloane Red Faces judge
Graham Cole Red Faces judge
Simon Burke This Is The Moment
James Simpson Live cross - Pluck A Duck on location, Melb Kmart Tigers
Hanson Wheres The Love