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Hey Hey – Episode 06 1998

Episode Code: HHIS/98-006
TX Date: Sat 21 Mar
Name Song title/Segment name
Livinia Nixon (not on this ep - HHIS/98-006)
Mavis's, The Cry
Russell Gilbert Lost For Words
Tania Lacy Lost For Words
Matt King Lost For Words
Elton John Live cross - MCG (with Molly Meldrum, Billy Joel)
Billy Joel Live cross - MCG (with Molly Meldrum, Elton John)
Molly Meldrum Live cross - MCG (with Billy Joel, Elton John)
Hugo Zamaratti Man in bottle
Russell Gilbert In suitcase (same seg as Hugo Zamaratti, man in bottle)
Tonic If You Could Only See
Craig McLachlan Chat
Tammy Van Wisse Red Faces judge
Richard Stubbs Red Faces judge
Dan Tullis Jr Ol Man River
Brad Oakes Standup
Status Quo Medley: Down Down, Caroline, Rockin All Over The World, Whatever You Want