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Hey Hey – Episode 21 1999

Episode Code: HHIS/99-021
TX Date: Sat 03 Jul
Name Song title/Segment name
Leon Daphne Presents Pluck A Duck car winner with keys
Daryl Somers Rugby Ken doll bit
Larry Emdur Live cross - Dubbo (Ian Crouch, winner of final Yellow Pages comp, $25,000)
Wilbur Wilde Celebrity Head
Livinia Nixon Celebrity Head
Molly Meldrum Celebrity Head
Eric the Ericsson Mobile Phone mascot Consolation Prize model
Daryl Somers Intros VTR - tennis sketch
Oscarlima If You Want To Be My Friend
Daryl Somers Live cross - Wimbledon
Martin Sexton Featured in a playon
Daryl Somers Motorcade setup
Livinia Nixon Nixon Tapes (Murder at 1600, Come September, Crazy Safari, The Professionals)
Human Nature Dont Cry
Molly Meldrum Mollys Melodrama (Phil Collins/Tarzan)
Matthew Hinds Pluck A Duck contestant
John Williamson The Land Of The Truly Free
Suzie Wilks Red Faces judge