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Hey Hey – Episode 24 1999

Episode Code: HHIS/99-024
TX Date: Sat 24 Jul
Name Song title/Segment name
Claudia Christian Red Faces judge
Suzanne Manewell Yellow Pages competition winner #3 (phone call)
John Coventry Pluck A Duck contestant
Loki Not Like You
Mark My Words Standup comedy
Marcia Hines Which Way Is Up
Tommy Dean Standup comedy
Daryl Somers Parental lockout bit
Daryl Somers Wordburglar
Daryl Somers VTR - Millennium sketch (dunno whos in it)
Joey McIntyre Stay The Same
Livinia Nixon Nixon Tapes
Marie Patane Red Faces judge
Shane Warne Red Faces judge
Kostya Tszyu Chat
Catatonia Londinium
Penne Dennison Chat/report
Joseph McVeigh Pluck A Duck contestant
Valda Hammill Pluck A Duck car winner
Bill Ellis Presents Pluck A Duck car winner with keys
Daryl Somers VTR - Train Poet
Adam Brand Dirt Track Cowboys