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Hey Hey – Episode 25 1999

Episode Code: HHIS/99-025
TX Date: Sat 31 Jul
Name Song title/Segment name
Chris Anstey Red Faces judge
Daryl Somers Live cross - Lords Cricket Ground (listed on rundown as possible - dont know if it ever eventuated)
Vanessa Amorosi Have A Look
Livinia Nixon (not in this episode - had gone to LA)
Penne Dennison Co-host HHIS/99-025
Fuel Shimmer
Gabriel Gate Lost For Words (food theme)
Russell Gilbert Lost For Words (food theme)
Lynda Gibson Lost For Words (food theme)
Vic The Vulture Consolation Prize model (Victoria University open day)
Steve Jackson Live cross - hidden camera, food challenge
Daryl Somers Intros Smiling Security Guard
Chris Wilson Price Of Love
Ben Hall Pluck A Duck contestant
Molly Meldrum Mollys Melodrama
Daryl Somers intros Kid Driving Trolleys
Fuel Sunburn
Tammy Van Wisse Red Faces judge
Max Walker Red Faces judge