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Hey Hey – Episode 27 1999

Episode Code: HHIS/99-027
TX Date: Sat 14 Aug
Name Song title/Segment name
Molly Meldrum Mollys Melodrama
Peter Rowsthorn Private Parts
Fiona O'Loughlin Celebrity Head
Russell Gilbert Live cross - Chadstone Shopping Centre carpark (car horn honkers)
Deadstar Deeper Water
Craig McLachlan Chat (with 4 Harley riders)
Peter Berner Private Parts
Carmelina DiGugielmo Private Parts
Craig McLachlan Plays with Hey Hey band
Raymond J Bartholomuez Kids Talk - Aussie Sayings
James Reyne Little Criminals
Molly Meldrum Mollys Melodrama
Daryl Somers Intros Mars Estate ad
Stella One Eleven Mr Big Car
Ian Turpie Red Faces judge
Don Talbot Red Faces judge
Angie Trinder Pluck A Duck contestant
Pug Consolation Prize model (mascot for the Learn To Swim program at Collingwood & Richmond Leisure Centres)
Marvelous 3 Freak Of The Week