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Hey Hey – Episode 28 1999

Episode Code: HHIS/99-028
TX Date: Sat 21 Aug
Name Song title/Segment name
Mike Stewart Chat (world bodyboard champion)
Karen Fischer Private Parts
Colin Cole Celebrity Head
Mark Lizotte Dig (Mark Lizotte, formerly known as Diesel)
Daryl Somers intros Cheer Squad bit
Elliot Goblett Standup comedy
Daryl Somers intros Time-Wasting Cow bit
Livinia Nixon Nixon Tapes
Ronan Keating When You Say Nothing At All
Ronan Keating Chat at desk
Mick Lillie Pluck A Duck contestant
Candice Bushnell Red Faces judge
Daryl Braithwaite Red Faces judge
Josephine Byrnes Red Faces judge
Daryl Somers intros Bulgarian TV Crew bit
Rebecca's Empire Bad Blood
Penne Dennison Report (announce winner of Ricky Martin competition - Anna Giaquinta, Lalor, VIC)
Pug Consolation Prize model (mascot for the Learn To Swim program at Collingwood & Richmond Leisure Centres)
Jane Saunders Outbound Plane