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Hey Hey – Episode 11 2010

Episode Code: HHIS/2010-011
TX Date: Wed 07 Jul
Name Song title/Segment name
Catherine Britt Cant Change A Thing
Shura Taft Private Parts
Suze Raymond Private Parts
Colin Lane Private Parts
Ossie Ostrich What Cheeses Me Off
Peter Furness Pluck A Duck contestant (Waterford West, QLD)
Joe Walsh In The City (VTR - from Eagles concert in Raleigh, North Carolina)
Neil Robertson Red Faces judge
Catherine Britt Red Faces judge
Cameron Harvey Red Faces - Act 1 (Riddells Creek, VIC) (contortionist)
Aleesha Attard Red Faces - Act 2 (as Aleesha) (Mill Park, VIC) (belly dancer)
Phil Lewfatt Red Faces - Act 3 (as Lucky Lovett) (Wheelers Hill, VIC) (comedy)
Danny Clayton VTR story - Kelly Rowland i/view
Eagles, The Take It Easy (VTR - from concert in Raleigh, NC)
Russell Gilbert VTR story - Magic Festival
Branden Zandstra Pluck A Duck - car presentation (live cross to Williamtown Airbase, Newcastle)
Ross Wilson I Come In Peace