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An Australian TV icon, Daryl Somers has won three Gold Logies along with a slew of others. In a career spanning more than 40 years, Daryl has hosted light entertainment programs, kids’ shows, game shows, pop music shows and countless specials including the TV Week Logie Awards, which he hosted five times. Closest to his heart is Hey Hey It’s Saturday, the longest running and most successful variety/comedy program in Australian history. In 2004 Daryl was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to the entertainment industry, charitable organisations and the community.


Appearing on Hey Hey for nine years, Jacki MacDonald was Daryl’s first female co-host. A popular, funny and endearing personality, she was often made the butt of jokes on the show. A close friend of Ossie Ostrich, she also hosted The Ossie Ostrich Video Show on the Nine Network. Jacki received several Logie Awards for Most Popular Female Personality in Queensland throughout her television career.
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Oswald Q. Ostrich – Ossie to his friends – is known for his integral role on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. A good-natured pink ostrich who sports a fashionable light blue mohawk, Ossie formed an unbeatable comic duo with Daryl Somers from 1971 to 1994. Popular with children and adults alike, Ossie entertained Australia for more than two decades.
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Following his role on the iconic television music show Countdown, Molly Meldrum hosted regular segments on Hey Hey Its Saturday. A pop culture favourite, Molly’s Melodrama showcased the best in Australian and international music. Molly is famous for wearing his signature Akubra hat and finishing reviews with his catchphrase “do yourself a favour”.
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One of Australia’s most popular comedians, Russell Gilbert has enjoyed a colourful career. A dab hand at sketch comedy with a razor sharp wit and a lovable demeanor, Russell was an essential part of the Hey Hey team. An affable clown, Russell has long been a favourite of studio audiences for his cheeky antics both during and before the show.
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Australia’s best-loved saxophonist, Wilbur Wilde became famous for his musical stylings and larrikin attitude during his 15-year stint on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. After rising to prominence with the bands Ol’ 55, Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons, Klapa Maslina and Skyhooks, Wilbur transitioned into television in 1984 where he appeared as part of the Hey Hey house band until 1999.
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Andrew Fyfe is an Australian cartoonist and television personality best known for his unique knack of drawing cartoons live to air. One of the show’s best-loved cast members, Andrew created spontaneous parodies of the onscreen action with just a few strokes of his pen. In fact, during his 14-year stint on Hey Hey It’s Saturday he made the ‘pen cam’ famous.


The man in the voiceover booth, John Blackman spent 28 years in a pivotal role on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. One of the country’s most recognisable voices, John joined Daryl every week as the voice of Dickie Knee, Mrs Macgillicuddy, The Angel and a bunch of other characters, including himself. He is loved for his quick wit, double entendres and spontaneous banter.


After gaining recognition as a guitarist in the iconic rock band Skyhooks, Red Symons went on to become a household name, appearing on TV, radio and in print for four decades. A member of the Hey Hey house band, Red was one of the show’s most endearing performers despite his role as the heartless and sarcastic judge on Red Faces.
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Australia’s cheekiest duck, Plucka appeared on Hey Hey from 1989 to 1999. Known for his irreverent attitude, mischievous antics and – let’s face it – often inappropriate behavior, Plucka was one of the show’s best loved characters. The only cast member with his own theme song, his achievements include vigorously encouraging contestants to ‘pluck a duck’.
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Among Australia’s most likeable television personalities, Livinia Nixon is a household name. In 2014 Livo, as she is known to her friends, chalked up 18 years with the Nine Network. During that time she appeared on Hey Hey It’s Saturday as Daryl Somers’ co-host, following her breakthrough role working alongside our favourite duck on Plucka’s Place.
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