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Red Faces – The Voluptuosos

The Voluptuosos perform a hilarious song about their tragic search for love, 1998
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Samuel L Jackson – 1998

Daryl interviews Samuel L. Jackson on Hey Hey It's Saturday in 1998. Samuel talks golf handicaps, working on Pulp Fiction and his relationship with John Travolta. Plus he faces off with Dickie Knee and gives an impromptu trumpet performance!
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Raymond J Bartholomeuz – 1998

Raymond J. Bartholomeuz delivers an inspired and hilarious poem.
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Mariah Carey – 1998

Daryl interviews Mariah Carey on Hey Hey It's Saturday in 1998. Mariah talks Grammys and after parties, tells the story of directing her own videos, discusses the songwriting process and practices her Aussie accent.
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Brad Oaks – 1998

Aussie comedian Brad Oaks discusses being overweight, Bill Gates and shark attacks.
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Red Faces – N C

N.C. gives a chuckle-inducing performance with a very special 'hand-made' instrument.
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Celebrity Head – Episode 40 1997

Wilbur Wilde, Glenn Robbins and Michael Gudinski play a game of Celebrity Head.