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Hey Hey – Episode 37 1992

Episode Code: HHIS/92-037
TX Date: Sat 24 Oct
Name Song title/Segment name
Peter Andre Gimme Little Sign
Peter Powers Hypnotist
Plucka Duck Las Vegas wedding
Boom Crash Opera Bettadaze
Deane Hutton Demonstration - air pressure
Sigourney Weaver VTR - i/view (1492)
Suzanne Rhatigan Red Faces judge
Mark Maron Red Faces judge
Melissa Hannan It Aint What You Say (with Zig Zag Mad)
Zig Zag Mad It Aint What You Say (with Melissa Hannan)
Molly Meldrum Mollys Melodrama (Elton John, REM i/views)
Melissa Hannan Pluck A Duck hostess
Suzanne Rhatigan To Hell With Love