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Hey Hey – Episode 15 1996

Episode Code: HHIS/96-015
TX Date: Sat 01 Jun
Name Song title/Segment name
Colin Lane (Lano) Guest host - HHIS/96-015 (with Frank Woodley)
Frank Woodley Guest host - HHIS/96-015 (with Colin Lane)
John Farnham Hearts Of Fire
John Farnham Private Parts
Shane Bourne Private Parts
Jo Beth Taylor Private Parts
Barry Manilow Chat
Barry Manilow Looks Like We Made It
Danielle Spencer Red Faces judge
Trevor Marmalade Red Faces judge
Russell Gilbert Live cross - to movie theatre (simulated)
John Farnham A Simple Life
Molly Meldrum Satellite report from London
Colin Lane Lido Shuffle
John Farnham All Kinds Of People