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Hey Hey – Episode 15 1984

Episode Code: HHIS/1984-15
TX Date: Sat 26 May
Name Song title/Segment name
Jacki Macdonald Co-host HHIS/1984-15
Dragon Cry
Billy Joel The Longest Time ()
Jacki Macdonald WCMO
Wilbur Wilde WCMO
Donna Fisk You Could Have Heard A Pin Drop
Colette Mann Mann Talk (Hotel New Hampshire)
Ralph & The Krasnapolskys Standup comedy (?) (not indicated on rundown)
Galapagos Duck Emu Dance
Neil Robson Hey Hey Wheel contestant (in studio)
Broderick Smith When I Swim
Jacki Macdonald Chooklotto
Wilbur Wilde Disc-ussion
Donna Fisk Disc-ussion
Broderick Smith Disc-ussion