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Hey Hey – Episode 37 1984

Episode Code: HHIS/1984-37
TX Date: Sat 27 Oct
Name Song title/Segment name
Jacki Macdonald Co-host HHIS/1984-37
Stevie Ray Vaughan Double Trouble
Skyhooks Live cross to concert
Skyhooks Horror Movie (live cross to concert)
Skyhooks (You Just Like Me Cos Im) Good In Bed (live cross to concert
Skyhooks Women In Uniform (live cross to concert)
Skyhooks All My Friends Are Getting Married (live cross to concert)
Skyhooks Carlton (live cross to concert)
Jacki Macdonald Jackis Cocktail Mixing
John St Peeters Far From Over
Jane Clifton Beat It
John St Peeters Beat It
Lynne Randell Beat It
Ray Parker Jr Ghostbusters ( - HHISN Top 5 full play)
Jacki Macdonald Chooklotto
No Nonsense Changes Must Be Made
Sandra Gionfriddo Hey Hey Wheel contestant (in studio)
Wilbur Wilde Disc-ussion
Shirley Strachan Disc-ussion
John St Peeters Disc-ussion
Los Trios Ringbarkus Disc-ussion